Our goal is to offer Quality products at competitive pricing with service that can't be matched!

WHAT we are!


WAGOS is a salt distributor that concentrates on delivering to our customers. Our year-round focus is on water conditioner salt and during the winter months, we also supply ice melt products. We do not offer a pickup location at this time. We were selling water conditioner salt on a very limited basis when we were operating a plumbing supply business. When we had the opportunity to bid on supplying salt to a local industrial account, we needed a direct source where we could purchase salt so that we could be competitive. We are now distributors for three different salt companies and have access to many other products that are connected with the water conditioning field. We do not offer any mechanical service on the equipment, nor do we get involved in the testing of water samples. These jobs are handled by a number of different installers that we work with and we are happy to refer them to you so that you may contact them directly.



WHY we are!

As our business began to grow, the need became apparent that there were many people who were physically unable to carry these bags of salt into their basement. That, along with the time constraints put on many younger couples as they go about their daily lives led us to offer FREE "in-home" delivery. We bring it to you and we'll put it where you want it!