We have tried to base our prices on sound principles of business taking into consideration the fact that many other suppliers offer the same products. We feel that our business goal "To offer quality products at competitive pricing with unequaled service" is a challenge that we constantly need to be aware of.


Our everyday prices include FREE delivery to your location. We also offer quantity pricing to those of you who purchase larger amounts at one time. Contact your friends and neighbors, purchase as a group, and we will honor quantity prices. Feel free to call for current pricing at any time.


For residential users, we offer our "bakers dozen" deal. Many times you have seen suppliers offering a free "something" to their new customers. We feel that this is a valid incentive to attract new customers and we do the same thing. When you buy 12 bags of salt at the regular price for delivery at one time to your location, we will give you a 13th bag free, BUT we feel that this offer should also be given to our customers who have purchased from us before SO, as our way of saying thank you to our customers for their loyalty, we offer the same deal to everyone, buy 12 at the regular price and get the 13th bag free. With the growth of our business so dependent on our existing customers, we also offer a free bag of salt for any referral of a new customer to us.


Competitive pricing?

Our pricing includes delivery into your home and stacked where you want it. Sales tax not included in price.  Add 7% for NJ Sales Tax
Dozen deal = 1bag free when you buy 12 @ regular price 
Quantity pricing available.  50# product is shipped 49 to a skid. 

Solar Salt is also referred to as Super Salt.  It is "Salt Crystals".
System Saver Pellets and Pellens are compacted salt. 

Solar Salt is usually packaged in a blue bag.
Solar Salt w/Rust Out and Pellens are usually packaged in a green bag.
Morton System Saver Pellets are packaged in a  white and yellow bag.

Our current pricing

50# Solar Salt    $7.59 per bag  (.151 per pound)
50# Solar Salt (dozen deal)  $91.08    (.14 per pound)

50# Solar Salt w/Rust Remover $8.18 per bag  (.162 per pound)
50# Solar Salt w/RR (dozen deal) $98.16    (.151 per pound)

Note: The installer of the equipment at many of our customers has written on the top of the salt tank "Use salt crystals only, do not use pellets".  It is our understanding that the resin used to bind the salt in pellets may cause the system to work improperly.

50# System Saver Pellets  $9.15 per bag   (.183 per pound)


***Note***Note*** When comparing prices please check the per pound price as most of these suppliers are selling 40# bags compared to our 50# bags.

Lowe's, Deptford 10/14/11

40# Solar Salt    $  5.18 per bag  (.1295 per pound)
40# Pellens (Pellets) (Green bag w/rust out) $  7.28 per bag  (.182 per pound)
40# System Saver Pellets  $  6.69 per bag  (.16725 per pound)

Lowes counter person quoted delivery charge to Woolwich Area $65.00

Home Depot, Deptford 5/1/12

40# Solar Salt    $  5.18 per bag  (.1295 per pound)
80# Solar Salt    $  9.99 per bag  (.124875 per pound)
40# Pellens (Green bag w/rust out) $  7.28 per bag  (.182 per pound)                 40# System Saver Pellets  $  6.69 per bag  (.16725 per pound)
80# System Saver Pellets  $12.32 per bag  (.154 per pound

Home Depot service counter quoted delivery to Woolwich Area $65.00

Ace Hardware, Route 50, Seaville (?) 5/13/12

40# Solar Salt     $  5.99 per bag (.15 per pound)